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Jean-Marc Foussat : Synthi AKS, voix

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La Porte du Sud (résumé)
Vagues de l'ombre (résumé)



 « This week: launching a pre-order campaign for Jean-Marc Foussat's first solo album in 5 years, and his 4th in 35 years! What you will find enclosed in these 2 LPs is very much alike / and also quite unlike the groundbreaking "Abattage" (1983) and "Nouvelles" (1985-2001). Jean-Marc Foussat created his own brand of electro-acoustic noise in isolation at the tail-end of the exploratory post-'68 french underground turmoil. And immediately disappeared from the public eye. He engulfed himself in another revolutionary movement, european free improvisation, and became one of the top sound recordists for all artists and labels that count. He re-emerged in the late 1990s with the avant-rock Marteau Rouge (w/ Jean-François Pauvros and Makoto Sato), and on his own, but always as a team player, with a galaxy of free improvisers from all over the world. His solo work went on nonetheless in his infamous home studio of the parisian suburb, a not-so-well kept secret. Gone are the zappain manipulations and collages of the early albums, in favor of a playful improvisationnal ethos. "Hors Contrôle" furthers the stream of consciousness dark lyricism of "L'Oiseau" (2012). The new album is heavy on exploratory analogue sounds - few synthesists today can boast Foussat's command on his VCS3 and AKS, instruments he bought before you all realized they had once existed and were ultimately hip. In and out of the analogue mayhem, voices raise, in turn eerie, stern, angry, while tapes of found sounds tell stories - Foussat remains true to his early fix on electro-acoustic music, of which he retains the drama and the gesture rather than the academism. "Hors Contrôle" is music of the mind for the body, to slightly alter the Soft Machine slogan - this is the 2.0 version of the 1970s trip.